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Senior Pet Care

Because pets age so much faster than we do, they can become seniors before we know it. Older pets need a bit more veterinary care and attention than younger pets do to help spot and treat age-related illnesses or pain.

Caring For Your Senior Pet

Our goal is to keep your senior pet happy, healthy, and active. Sure, there are countless age-related conditions, but many of them are preventable with the right veterinary care. At Archer Veterinary Clinic, we offer our clients and their senior sweethearts just that.

Pets hit their golden years much sooner than we do. In fact, depending on size and breed, dogs and cats are considered seniors around 5 years young! The more your pet ages, the more vulnerable they become to illness, disease, infection, and parasites. Let’s work together to keep your pet feeling great for years to come with semi-annual wellness visits. This will allow us to pick up on health changes much sooner so we can make a diagnosis and begin treatment. Please keep a closer eye on your senior pet and let us know right away if you are concerned about anything at all!

Behavioral changes are to be expected. We urge you to be patient and understanding. We are always here if you need advice or assistance with age-related behaviors such as increased vocalization, disorientation, greater irritability, house soiling, frequent wandering, less responsiveness, altered sleep schedule, and more.

  • Blood work is a key part of preventive care for senior pets. Routine blood work ensures your pet’s body is free of infection, anemia, and age-related concerns such as diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease, and more.
  • X-Rays pinpoint concerns that may not be identifiable with blood work or a physical exam. We commonly diagnose arthritis and cancer using x-ray technology
  • Urinalysis is frequently used to test for urinary tract infections, diabetes, and liver disease. However, it is also a helpful reflection of your pet’s overall wellness.

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